Referral Program

Know someone who wants to start flying?  Get rewarded with our referral program!  Upon their enrollment, ask for a Referral Form!  Upon their course completion, you will receive up to a $200 credit to your Absolute Aviation account.  Your credit can be used for any product or service we provide including aircraft rental and pilot supplies.

Here are the rules:

  • Anyone can refer students under this program and receive credit
  • Only new students to Absolute Aviation can be referred
  • Credit will only be applied once the license or rating has been completed 
  • Referral credits may be prorated for new students who have completed some training elsewhere but are new to Absolute Aviation
  • The Referral Form must be completed at enrollment
  • Credits can be used towards any transaction(s) with Absolute Aviation
  • No cash payment or payout
  • Referral fees will be credited based on the following schedule:
    • $200
      • Recreational Pilot Permit
      • Private Pilot License
      • Commercial Pilot License
      • Instructor Rating
      • Instrument Rating (initial)
    • $50
      • Night Rating
      • VFR OTT Rating
      • Instrument Rating (renewal)
  • Absolute Aviation reserves the right to terminate or revise this program at anytime without notice and to disqualify individuals who in Absolute Aviation’s opinion are abusing the program.

Get your referral form here!