Accelerated Private Pilot License Program

The Accelerated Private Pilot License program is designed to help you finish your license in as little as six weeks.  The program’s flexible start dates allow you to fit the training into your specific schedule. Completion is based on individual student’s dedication and own scheduling. Although it is possible to complete the course in as little as six weeks it often will take longer. Unless you are able to dedicate a lot of your time this is not for you!

The Plan:

Prior to arrival in Wetaskiwin:
Enroll in the online ground school and complete at least 30% of the course or take our personalized one-on-one ground school in Wetaskiwin.
Complete Category 3 Medical (contact our office for a list of physicians in your area offering this service if unsure)
Upon Arrival in Wetaskiwin:
Complete ground school and fly twice daily
After four weeks, complete Written exam and flight test