Aircraft Rental

Wetaskiwin Air Services’ Cessna 172 Aircrafts are available for rent to current students and qualified Pilots that have undergone a successful check-out flight with WAS/AA – Chief Flight Instructor.

-Rental rate for Cessna 172’s is $198.50 per hour

-COPA Renter Insurance is required

[Proof of insurance being in place is required at time of rental]

-Pre-departure and Post-return inspections are $40.00 each

-$2,500.00 Security-Damage deposit payable by Credit or Debit-card are held until evaluation of Post-Rental Aircraft Inspection.

[After you return the Aircraft, WAS/AA will refund your deposit in full. This is provided that there are no additional charges for fuel replacement, late return, damages or other incidentals. When you receive your security deposit portion back depends on how you paid.]

[If you rent with a credit card WAS/AA puts a hold on your account for the full estimated cost of the rental & inspection fees, plus the security deposit. After you return the Aircraft and post-rental inspection is evaluated, WAS/AA releases the hold “if” no other charges are applicable and only charges the amount of the rental & inspection fees. Thus, security deposit portion of the hold is normally removed from credit card in less than 24-72 hours.]

[If you rent with Debit card, WAS/AA requires payment for the full estimated cost of the rental & inspection fees, plus the security deposit prior to departure.  After you return the Aircraft and post rental inspection is evaluated, “if” not other charges are applicable, WAS/AA retains the amount for the rental & inspection fees and returns the balance of funds held on account to the same Debit card within 10-business days.]

-Prices are based on Wet-rental.  If you rent an Aircraft and fuel elsewhere the cost will be adjusted to account for the liters of fuel added during your round-trip based on Wetaskiwin fuel price.

(ensure you obtain a printed receipt from fuel-station that indicate liters added, and that you provide it to WAS/AA-staff)

Any questions on rental and rental policy please contact us!