Commercial Pilot License


If you would like to make a living as a pilot, you will need to complete the Commercial pilot’s license. This course takes the skills you learned from your private pilots’ to new heights.

You will learn to fly safely at night, in more adverse conditions, and what it takes to work as a professional.

Numerous respected industry members expect a pilot shortage to return by the end of 2021. There are currently entry level positions available with opportunities increasing in the coming years. The Canadian Licenses is highly respected, and can help work internationally or domestically

  • Private Pilot License – Aeroplane
  • Valid Category 1 Medical
Total time requirements:
  • 200 hours total time
  • 100 hours Pilot In Command (PIC)
To be completed after the PPL has been issued:
  • 35 hours dual instruction
  • 20 hours instrument training
  • 30 solo practice
  • 300 nautical miles PIC cross country flight
  • Night Endorsement (times included in dual/solo)

Cost Estimate

155 Aircraft Hours
35 Instructor Hours
5 Hours Solo Supervision (night)
Ground School
Book Kit
Flight test, Exam & Fees

*Estimate does not include GST, medical and Transport Canada fees. The time building requirement will make individual costs vary. Based on completion of the Private Pilot License in minimum time and no other flying credit applied.

Wetaskiwin Air Services offers employment whenever possible to the graduates of our Commercial Pilot Program.