Recreational Pilot Permit

The Recreational Pilot Permit allows anyone with an interest in aviation to start flying.  Recreational Pilot Permit holders may fly a four seat aircraft while carrying a maximum of one passenger anywhere in Canada.


  • 14 years of age to fly solo
  • 16 to become licensed
  • Category 4 Medical
  • Proof of Citizenship

Minimum Course Requirements:

  • 25 flight hours
  • 5 solo flight hours
  • PSTAR exam completed
  • RPAER exam completed
  • Flight Test

Cost Estimate

20 Hours Dual $4200
5 Hours Solo $875
10 Briefing Hours $600
Book Kit $275
Exam Fees $375
Minimum Cost*

*Does not include GST, medical and Transport Canada fees.  Due to fluctuating fuel prices, rates are subject to change without notice.  Actual training times vary depending on the individual.  There is no requirement for ground school for the Recreational Pilot Permit but it is strongly recommended that an individual taking the Recreational Pilot Permit attend the Private Pilot Ground school.