Private Pilot License

If your dream is to fly professionally, you will need to start with the private pilot license.  People who are serious about flying cross country should also consider the additional experience gained by completing the private pilot license. The private pilot license is recognized internationally allowing you to fly inside or outside of Canada.  This license has no restrictions to passenger load and you can even add additional ratings to expand your flying experience.


  • 14 years of age to fly solo
  • 17 years of age to become licensed
  • Category 3 medical
  • Proof of citizenship
  • Aviation Language Proficiency (English)

Minimum Course Requirements:

  • 45 flight hours
  • 40 hours of Ground School
  • Cross country training
  • Instrument flight training
  • PSTAR exam completed
  • PPAER exam completed
  • Aviation Language Proficiency Test
  • Flight test

Cost Estimate


33 Hours Dual $6,930
12 Hours Solo $1,800
20 Briefing Hours $1200
Ground School $350
Book Kit $300
Flight test & Exam Fees $625
Minimum Cost*  $11,205


*Does not include GST, medical and Transport Canada fees.  Due to fluctuating fuel prices, rates are subject to change without notice.  Actual completion times depend on the individual.