Flight Instructor Rating

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Wetaskiwin Air Services is pleased to offer the flight instructor rating to aspiring flight instructors.  Becoming a flight instructor can be a very rewarding and challenging career experience.  Flight instructing is an excellent way to improve your knowledge and skill as a pilot not to mention gain valuable flight experience as a commercial pilot. We are  able to offer this NOW. The instructor Rating will be taught by our CFI Eric. As our expansion continues we will want to hire our best graduates who complete an instructor rating with us. Call today to get going!!

  • Valid Category 1 Medical
  • Commercial Pilot License
Course Requirements:

  • 30 hours dual flight instruction
  • Minimum 25 hours ground school in instructional technique

Cost Estimate

30 Dual Hours
Ground School**
Total*  $8,280

*Estimate based on required course.  Does not include Transport Canada fees or GST.
**Includes all ground based instruction to prepare for the instructor rating.