Charter Services

Absolute Aviation is a licensed air carrier by Transport Canada and the Canadian Transportation Agency for the following charter services:

  • Air Taxi (people and cargo)
  • Aerial Photography
  • Aerial Surveillance and Inspection
  • Sightseeing

Absolute Aviation specializes in providing aircraft platforms for aerial photographers in the Edmonton Region. Also HOT SHOT services when you need to get parts or personnel to a site quickly.

Charter flights can be taken in:

Cessna 172, a single engine aircraft that cruises at about 120 MPH and can seat at maximum 3 passengers. Current Rate is $275 per hour


Aerostar 601P, a twin engine pressurized aircraft that cruises at about 245 MPH and can seat a t maximum 5 passengers. 


Piper Aerostar

A twin engine Pressurized aircraft that cruises above most of the weather at about 245 MPH and can seat at maximum 5 passengers (with reduced range) This fast aircraft can have you for example in Kelowna in about 1.5 hours vs about a 15 or more hour drive.
Current rate is $4.60 per mile plus landing and other TC fees.

Contact Us by email at or Call 780-352-5643