Absolute Aviation Flight Instructors


Frank Stacey,

Chief Pilot

Frank with his partners purchased Wetaskiwin Air Services about 2.5 years ago. He has over 45 years of flying  experience  flying    many  different types of aircraft     from    open  cockpit Bi-planes   to   Boeing 737's.     Frank    is available on  short notice for Charters on the    Aerostar.    He   is    also    available for   instrument,  multi, and   Float ratings. Frank enjoys  spending time  with his two little guys, step  son Josh and his wife Rosy.




Kirk Ryan

Kirk is currently a Class 3 Instructor, and is our acting CFI. He is very close to getting his Class 2.  Kirk wishes to pursue Aerobatics and has been active in flying and checking out pilots on our Citabria.

Most of Kirks flying has been in the Edmonton area and is well versed with the Airspace in the area.