International Students

(fWhy learn to fly in Canada?


  • Canada readily accepts students from all nations and the training standards are among the highest in the world
  • Canadian Licenses meet the ICAO standard
  •  Find out about Student Visas and apply with Immigration,Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)
  • Flight training standards are among the highest in the world and recognized by the International Civil Aviation Organization
  • Lower cost of flying in part due to relatively low fuel costs when compared with other countries
  • Experience flying in a wide variety of weather conditions due to four distinct seasons




The first step is to complete the International Student Application Form so the process can be started.






Generally if the course/training takes less than 6 months to complete and you plan to stay in Canada for less than 6 months depending on which country you are from you may not require a visa. It is advisable to check Visa Requirements regardless of the length of the training as citizens from some countries require a visa to enter Canada. For example if you are from India, Most middle east countries, most Asian countries except for South Korea and Japan you will require a VISA.



To see if your country requires a Visa to enter Canada check here. If the course or training will take over 6 months you will need to apply for a Study Permit.





To obtain a study permit, you need to submit the following to the Canadian Consulate:



A. An original Letter of Acceptance from Absolute Aviation. In order for us to issue you the Letter of Acceptance you will have to provide the following information that will be on the Application form.


  1. Full name (as on your passport)
  2. Current Address
  3. Telephone number
  4. Fax (if any)
  5. Email address
  6. Emergency Contact
  7. Date and place of Birth
  8. Expected date of arrival in Canada
  9. Expected duration of stay in Canada
  10. Course applied for
  11. Photocopy of valid passport
  12. A Tuition deposit of $1750.00 which is fully refundable if the student does not receive VISA from Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).


B. Proof of Funds – You must prove that you have sufficient funds to pay for the full course plus living expenses and return transportation.


C. A Valid Study permit must in affect for the entirety of your training period.


D. Medical – Citizens from certain countries are required to pass a medical examination prior to the issue of a visa.  More Information on this can be found here.


E. Regardless of what country you are coming from you will be required to pass an aviation medical from a Canadian Civil Aviation Medical Examiner. A list of  Canadian Civil Aviation Medical Examiners can be found on this link.


F. Security check is required if you are over 18. For further information visit the Immigration,Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).



G. For further general information on the process required by Immigration,Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) please follow this link.



Why learn to fly in Wetaskiwin, Alberta?
  • Located in central Alberta, Canada, Wetaskiwin offers all amenities within a small friendly city
  • Wetaskiwin Regional Airport is located minutes away from the Edmonton International Airport offering immediate access to uncontrolled and controlled air space experience and training. This eliminates costly ferrying time which helps maximize training dollars
  • The Wetaskiwin Regional Airport and business located on the premise provide a welcoming and healthy learning environment where students feel comfortable and meet other aviation enthusiasts
  •  Ability to fly and see many of Canada’s unique features, landscapes, and cultures from the central Canadian location. View the Travel Alberta website to see the diversity of Alberta.
  • Home to Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame
  • Attend and take part in of the City’s festivals, events, recreational activities, museums, and parks
  • For more information visit the City of Wetaskiwin
Why learn to fly with Wetaskiwin Air Services?
  • Wetaskiwin Air Services Ltd. has been training pilots for over 40 years
  • The professional and passionate team of flight instructors ensure that safety is the first priority and that training standards and experience exceed requirements
  • Ability to train on the world’s most common aircraft – Cessna 172 for single engine training and PA-60P for Multiengine training maintained by highly experienced aircraft maintenance division on site
  • Flexible hours and accelerated options help students progress at their own pace
  • Option to complete private and commercial licenses as well as an instructor rating and a variety of other flight training options
  • Written Exams on site.
  • Student accommodation is available to students through Motels in the area.

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Frequently Asked Questions


A good overall command of the English Language is required to begin your training. Prior to licensing, all Canadian Pilot Students are required by Transport Canada to pass the Aviation English Language Proficiency Exam. This exam is conducted via telephone and usually takes less than twenty minutes to complete. Wetaskiwin Air Services’ Chief Pilot is endorsed by Transport Canada to administer the exam. Additional information can be found regarding the exam on the Transport Canada page. Resources can be made available for potential students as needed.


Depending on your circumstances to study in Canada there may be a number of steps that require a considerable amount of calendar time to complete. To begin, you should do the following:


1. Contact Absolute Aviation


Absolute Aviation is a Designated Learning Institute and authorized to offer flight training to foreign students. If you are interested in taking your flight training in Canada, complete our International Student Application. If you have any questions phone (780) 352-5643 or email us at We will assist you to develop and schedule a program of courses (and the associated costs) that suits your needs. Basic costs are provided on our Flight training webpage. Prices are based on providing training above the Transport Canada minimum requirements. However the required training may be adjusted to meet the individual student’s needs. We will also provide you with the letter of acceptance required as part of your application for a Study Permit; and help you find accommodation in Wetaskiwin.


After arrival in Wetaskiwin you will be provided with assistance and guidance in dealing with your new environment and accessing any services and support you may need





2. Determine Your Immigration Requirements


Citizenship and Immigration Canada provides information on Studying in Canada, including whether you will need a study permit and how to apply for one, health insurance, obtaining a work permit, and other things you will need to consider.


3. Undergo Medical Examinations


  • Depending on what country you are from, you may require an Immigration Medical Examination prior to entering Canada.
  • Regardless of what country you are from, you will be required to pass an aviation medical examination for your training. Transport Canada provides a searchable list of Civil Aviation Medical Examiners outside of Canada that can perform this examination.


4. Obtain A Visa
If your training will take more than six months to complete, you will require a Study Permit. If your training will take less than six months to complete, a Study Permit is not required but may be desirable, depending on whether you plan to work part time or think your stay will be extended. Depending on the country you are from, you may require a Temporary Resident Visa, regardless of the length of your stay.


5. What Are The Program Costs?


We are offering a number of different programs for foreign students including;



6. Withdrawal and Refund Policies


  • When students officially inform Absolute Aviation of their desire to withdraw from their current or future course, they may be entitled to receive some or all of their tuition back. Students must meet all the requirements outlined by Absolute Aviation in order to be eligible for a tuition refund.


7. Student complaint and Resolution


About Wetaskiwin

Wetaskiwin is a small Prairie city with a recorded a population of 12,655 that retains the convenience and sense of community typically encountered in small cities. Newcomers will find all the services and facilities provided in any major city in the world, yet still be able to quickly fit in and become comfortable living in a new country. Not only is Wetaskiwin a warm and welcoming city, residents enjoy one of the lowest costs of living in North America.

Wetaskiwin sits on what was formerly the coast of the large sea that covered much of Alberta millions of years ago. The northwest end of Wetaskiwin is characterized by hills with sandy soil (formerly sand dunes), while the southeast end of the city is very flat with more silty soil.

The city lies at an elevation of 760 m (2,490 ft). Coal Lake, a reservoir developed on the Battle River is located immediately east of the city, and other nearby waterways include Pipestone Creek, Bigstone Creek, Bittern Lake and Bearhills Lake.
Wetaskiwin is located at the junction of Highway 2A, Highway 13 and the Canadian Pacific railroad.