Flight Instructor Rating (Not Available at this time)
Wetaskiwin Air Services will be pleased to offer the flight instructor rating to aspiring flight instructors.  Becoming a flight instructor can be a very rewarding and challenging career experience.  Flight instructing is an excellent way to improve your knowledge and skill as a pilot not to mention gain valuable flight experience as a commercial pilot. We are hoping to be able to offer this in 2017.

  • Valid Category 1 Medical
  • Commercial Pilot License
Course Requirements:
  • 30 hours dual flight instruction
  • Minimum 25 hours ground school in instructional technique

Cost Estimate
30 Dual Hours $6,300
Ground School** $1,200
Total*  $7,500
Updated March 2013

*Estimate based on required course.  Does not include Transport Canada fees or GST.
**Includes all ground based instruction to prepare for the instructor rating.